Section One

Contracts & Agreements

The most basic rule of contract law is that a legal contract exists when one party makes an offer and the other party accepts it. For most types of contracts, this can be done either orally or in written. However, it is always best to have a contract in place to avoid future misunderstandings.. Read more >

Section Two

Small Claims Court

Small Claims Courts sometimes called "The People's Court" are set up to handle small personal and business disputes. Small Claims Court handles cases where the amount of money or value of the goods involved is $25,000 or less, not including interest, costs, and legal fees.
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Section Three

Debt Collection

At Lion Legal we will attempt to collect your unpaid debts or receivables, whether if they’re unpaid bills, past due invoices for work or services performed, bounced cheques, defaulted loans or other monies or property that is owed to you. Read more >

Words from Denise:

"At Lion Legal Services we represent individuals, business owners, and self-representatives in their legal disputes. Denise can represent you the traditional way from initial consultation to final disposition, or the virtual way. She is an experienced commercial and civil litigant within Small Claims Court. Those who need help navigating the legal system she is here to deal with your legal problems that are important to you, by providing diligent and strategic legal tactics that generate better results. Allowing you to focus on what is important to you in your life you, and allowing us to safe you time, money, and providing you with piece of mind"

"If you are in the early stages of negotiation or at the point of commencing a court action, Lion Legal Services can help. If you are an individual or a business owner, I can ensure that your interests are protected. Contact Denise Wilches today and speak to her about the various options that are available to you"

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