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We know your rights and can advise you on the best options on your legal matters. We are an affordable rather than expensive law firm, but provide you with the same high quality and attentive representation as a more expensive one.

In today’s busy world that we live in, employers and the general public are trying to reduce costs and increase the availability and efficiency of legal services by hiring paralegals to perform tasks once done by lawyers. Paralegals are performing a wider variety of duties, making them increasingly useful to businesses and to the public.

At Lion Legal Services we strive to be known in the GTA as the prestigious paralegal company for small-medium size companies. We pride ourselves in personalized service, attention to detail, and integrity. We take pride in our legal knowledge and are committed to serving and protecting the public.


Denise Wilches graduated in 2007 from the first Paralegal program in Ontario, same year Paralegals were regulated and began her career in law working in a law firm. She developed relationships with businesses and individuals before branding off on her own in 2010 as a successful independent contracted paralegal throughout the Greater Toronto Area.

In response to the growing demand for professional paralegals, Denise founded Lion Legal Services, after a successful venture with General Traffic Administrator Legal Services. She now works with local businesses that have less pressing legal matters, and with individuals who need legal expertise that do not require the expense of an Attorney.

Denise’s passion and respect for law, combined with her integrity and work ethic, make her an asset to businesses, law firms, and individuals who engage her.