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Legal Services


Debt Collections/Pre-litigation

At Lion Legal Services we will attempt to collect your unpaid debts or receivables, whether they be unpaid bills, past due invoices for work or services performed, bounced cheques, defaulted loans, or other monies or property that is owed to you.

If you own a business, somewhere along the way you are going to encounter outstanding accounts owed to you. In most cases a debtor owes money to your company due to the fact that either a service was provided and/or a purchased product was delivered, and you have not been compensated for the work or service. Your accounting department or yourself may have tried to collect these monies, but have not been successful. As an employer, we know how busy you are, and we take on this task of collecting on your behalf.

We usually recommend initially allowing us to attempt to collect the monies owing to you before taking your debtor to Small Claims Court. Settling outside of Court, by having Lion Legal Services simply communicate with the debtor, can have great results. More and more unpaid invoices are being settled and resolved without attending Small Claims Court, because just like yourself, the debtor may want to reduce his costs, especially knowingly owing the claimed monies. The debtor may just need a legal advocate such as Lion Legal Services to negotiate and settle the matter. Court can be time consuming and impractical, depending on the matter. However, at times it is also necessary and the better way to go. As professionals, we can advise you during your free 30min telephone consultation as to what is best suited for your situation. We have many legal techniques.

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