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Legal Services

Judgment Enforcement

Do you need help enforcing your judgment, especially from another Province?

Some people think that when the trial is over and the judge's decision is made or a default judgment is obtained, the debtor will automatically pay the successful party and that is the end of the case. Unfortunately, that is not the way it works. There are further steps to take to enforce full payment to you.

Once you have received a judgment against your debtor, it is wise to immediately pursue enforcing the judgment. Generally, the faster you act, the better the results will be. You are more likely to obtain your monies by pursing enforcement quickly rather than allowing too much time to pass. As times passes, the information you have about the debtor, such as address or employer information may have changed. Re-locating your debtor can be quite the operation in itself, with the chance of collecting greatly reduced.

Determining the next step will depend on the information you have about the debtor's assets and ability to pay. If you have sufficient information, we can take an enforcement step immediately. If you do not know where the debtor banks, what assets he or she has, or where he or she may work, we can perform asset searches, targeting specific assets, employment, bank accounts, and personal property. Once we locate any of these assets we immediately garnish or seize them to satisfy the outstanding judgment.

So after having invested time, energy, and money to obtain a judgment, why stop there? We can help you collect, because our goal at Lion Legal Services is to ensure that you receive the money you are entitled to.

Do you want to appeal your Small Claims Court Judgment against you?

As a debtor who has lost your case and now has to pay, there are options available where we can help you. For example, if you do not have money or assets on hand to pay the judgment, or if you disagree with the judgment made, there are steps that can be taken.

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