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Legal Services

Small Claims Court Matters

Small Claims Court sometimes called "The People's Court", is set up to handle small personal and business disputes. Small Claims Court manages cases where the amount of money or value of the goods involved is $35,000 or less, not including interest, costs, and legal fees. If the amount of your claim is more than the current limit, you may still choose to use Small Claims Court, because it is simpler and less expensive. However, you will have to give up any future attempt to recover the excess amount in another Court. A judge oversees the Small Claims Court and makes the decision in your matter that is binding.

Some reasons you may want to sue:

To Enforce a Contract. You might find it necessary to sue someone to collect a debt or goods you believe belong to you; or force another person to complete an action such as transferring the title of a car you’ve purchased.

To Recover Damages. If you’re harmed by the actions of a second party, whether being hit by a baseball at a Major League ballpark, or getting food poisoning at a local pizza place, you may have to sue to cover your hospital bills or receive payment for lost wages during your period of recovery. Your success depends upon a legal finding that the other party was negligent – a court’s opinion that they knew, or should have known, that their action (or inaction) caused you harm physically, financially, or, in some cases, emotionally.

To Protect Your Property. Disputes over the ownership of real estate and personal property frequently arise in today’s complex business and social environment. If your neighbor’s fence extends over your property, you may have to sue to make him remove the fence and to recover your property. We will need correct information about who you are suing to properly prepare and serve your claim or defense, and to enforce a judgment once we are successful. Listed below are some questions to consider.

  1. Do you know the legal name of the person or business?
  2. Do you have their current residential or business address?
  3. Do you have evidence to support your claim?
  4. Do they have money, assets that can be sold, or a debt (e.g., bank account, employment income) that can be garnished?
  5. Does the person or business owe others money?

If you are missing answers to many of these questions, we have our resources to investigate and obtain the answers for you to be able to proceed with your claim. Book a free 30min telephone appointment today to discuss your options. Denise can be contacted by via email at or by telephone at 416-639-5466


"Hello, my name is Robert and I am a manager of a landscaping company, right here in Toronto. I had a lot of customers who owed me money and realized it was time to do something about it so I contacted Lion Legal, and during my initial consultation I simply explained my situations and they provided me with my options. I end up using them for all of my Small Claims Court cases last year. Denise recovered almost the entire debt owed to me, including legal expenses. She was very professional and I was impressed with the knowledge she has. I’m so happy that my friend told me about Lion Legal because I really wouldn’t have had the patience or time to do what they did. They sure saved me plenty of frustration but most importantly got my money. Thanks again Denise"