Assertively Representing People in and out of Court

Known as bold Paralegals


Lion Legal’s priority is to bodly represesent you in a clear, stress-free experience. We can represent you in Court or out. We are experience in Negotiations, Small Claims Court, Landlord and Tenant matters, and Criminal Charges. We specialize in the Construction Industry, Entrepreneurs, Long-term Care Facilities, and Individuals. We are transparent with pricing and provide flat fees for each stage taken in your case. So, you will know what you’re spending. We are the cost-effective solution to your paraleal needs.

Let us handle your paralegal matter, so you can focus on what is important to you.

Denise Wilches

Denise is a litigation paralegal, founder of Lion Legal since 2012. Like many of her clients, she is an entrepreneur. Denise combines her passion for fairness and good negotiation skills to get the best results for her clients. The motto is simplicity and transparency, while ensuring diligent and tenacious paralegal representation.

Denise graduated from a Paralegal program at Humber College in 2007 and worked at Botnick & Botnick assisting a corporate lawyer. Then ventured with General Traffic Administrator Legal Services, practicing in Parking & Traffic Court, Debt Collections, and Small Claims Court matters. She has a background in problem solving, advocacy, and strategic planning.

Outside of work, Denise is a law student, wellness enthusiast, yogi, amateur boxer and loves all forms of fitness. She is also an organizing ninja and always striving to win!

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