Criminal Charges

Criminal Charges

Lion Legal can boldly represent you with some criminal charges that fall under ‘summary offences’. These types of Criminal offences (summary) are below.

Summary offences include offences contained in the Summary Offences Act, such as:

  • offensive conduct and indecent exposure
  • cause disturbance
  • harassing telephone calls
  • minor drug offences
  • assault
  • theft under $5,000.00
  • All other offences laid under the Summary Conviction provisions

A summary offence is a criminal act that can be proceeded with summarily, without the right to a jury trial and/or indictment (required for an indictable offence). Some indictable offences can also be heard summarily if the defence and prosecution agree to this. Unless a different penalty is specified, summary conviction offences are punishable by a fine of up to $5,000 or six months in jail, or both.

If you have recently been charged with a summary offence, it’s important you consult with a paralegal as soon as possible, and ensure you don’t let your emotions affect your ability to have your rights protected. Lion Legal understands this confusing time, and offer compassionate, sound advice when you need it most.

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