William Krever | President and CEO of Better Living

William Krever, President and CEO of Better Living at Thompson House and Better Living Health and Community Services. “Denise has helped us collect on a number of past due resident rent accounts when we were not able to collect payment. She has also helped us to reduce our legal costs while giving us solid advice in a number of key areas.”

Robert | Manager of Landscaping Company

Hello, my name is Robert, and I am a manager of a landscaping company, right here in Toronto.  I had a lot of customers who owed me money and realized it was time to do something about it so I contacted Lion Legal, and during my initial consultation I simply explained my situations and they provided me with my options.  I end up using them for all my Small Claims Court cases last year. Denise recovered almost the entire debt owed to me, including legal expenses.  She was very professional, and I was impressed with the knowledge she has. I am so happy that my friend told me about Lion Legal because I really would not have had the patience or time to do what they did.  They sure saved me plenty of frustration but most importantly got my money.    Thanks again Denise.

Carlos Botelho | Officer at Fred’s Paving Co. Ltd

My name is Carlos I am with Fred Paving Limited. I reached out to Lion Legal Services to handle my Small Claims Court lawsuits. We use lawyers before it was very costly. We used collection agencies and they always asking for money upfront and in the end, we do not get paid. Then when we started using Lion Legal, she was very customized with our needs and our industry and we actual retrieve results with Lion legal. When you run a business, you have many things you are trying to balance. And collecting money becomes a problem, if you hire lion legal, they will take care of that for you. She knows what to do and you do not need to worry about it. And you can focus more on other things on how to run your business then worry about small claims court or anything to do with court systems or collecting money. I would recommend lion legal and I have because lion legal gets you results.

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