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Small Claims Court handles cases where the amount of money or value of the goods owing are $35,000 or less, not including interest, costs, and legal fees. If the amount owing is greater, you can agree to reduce the amount owing and choose to pursue to collect your debt in Small Claims Court because its designed to be economically more efficient than Superior Court.

Do you need help enforcing your judgment?

Some people think that when the trial is over and the Judge’s decision is made or a Default Judgment is obtained, the debtor will automatically pay the successful party and that is the end of the case. Unfortunately, that is not the way it works. There are further steps to take to enforce full payment to you.

Lion Legal can help with some criminal charges that fall under ‘summary offences’. These types of Criminal offences (summary) are below.

Summary offences include offences contained in the Summary Offences Act, such as:

  • offensive conduct and indecent exposure
  • cause disturbance
  • harassing telephone calls

Welcome! Lion Legal’s role is to assist you to resolve disputes between your landlord or tenant, which we are aware is profoundly affecting your everyday lives.

Is your tenant not paying their rent? Are you being evicted from your home? Is a tenant making claims against you that are simply untrue? If you in a dilemma with your landlord or tenant, Denise can help.

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